Friday, December 30, 2011

Boy Meets World.

Not a usual post of mine, but I want opinions!
Eric Matthews was so cool, suave and awesome in seasons 1-5, then went insane in seasons 6-7. Why? I love him, but why?


  1. hahahaha I wonder this myself!

    I think writers tend to create these characters with such extreme personalities that it starts to get out of control as the seasons go on. For example, Rachel Berry in Glee wasn't so annoying the first season as she is now.

    Seems like the writers were like "oh the audience loves it when Eric Matthews says dumb things, lets just make him do it all the time".

  2. lol!
    I find Rachel to be less annoying now than in the first part. Maybe because they feature her less now and there is more Kurt and Blaine WHICH I LOVE SO MUCH.

  3. MTV2 has been playing Boy Meets World lately and I love it! I think Eric was bound to go slightly insane eventually.

  4. you know, I used to wonder that same thing. What were the writers doing?

  5. NO IDEA! I was watching season 4 today (i watch all my DVD seasons out of order) and he was like the awesome older brother. then BAM a switch was hit!


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