Sunday, December 25, 2011

Come my little friends, as we all sing a happy little working song!

I have this recurring fantasy that my life is a musical.

I'm am not a thespian, by any means. In fact, I have huge stage fright and would probably need to be really drunk in order to perform in front of people.  The last time I sang in front of a group of people, I had a couple martinis in my system, so I know it's a fact.

Anyway, in this fantasy, life is normal, except for the random musical numbers that make everything exciting.  I would burst into song in the middle of conversation, much like Giselle in Enchanted does.  Then the random city dwelling creatures would sing with me, random people around me would dance in sync flash-mod style, and I would get carried around by a bunch of guys while I sing about silly things like how my jeans fit perfectly this morning or how great my bowl of cereal is.

Every important moment in life would be sung about.
Made breakfast? SING!
Got all green lights while driving? SING!
Getting married? SING!
Jeans fit perfectly after eating en entire pizza? SING, SING, SING!

 Life would just be so cheerful. 

1 comment:

  1. Aw, I love Enchanted! Disney makes life so much happier!


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