Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hey Santa,
Yeah, you in the red, jolly suit.
Why did you give me allergies for Christmas?  I was good all year. Well, I was decent.  I don't think I did anything to deserve a full blown allergy attack on Christmas night.

I was fine - FINE - all day.  I had a mild allergy hit around 8 while watching tv with the boyfriend which went away quickly, but now it's back with a vengeance.  WHY?

I believed in you for many years. Possibly beyond the appropriate age of believing, which you would think would add some street cred up the North Pole about my childhood love for you.  That street cred should've given me a "No-Allergies-During-Christmas" pass to last ages. But nope.  Here I sit, tissues in hand, wondering whre it was I failed you.

Is this punishment for buying tissue boxes with you on it?  Punishment for opening gifts on Christmas Eve and not giving you a chance to hop in our windows (since we lack that chimney you're so fond of) to drop off gifts?  Punishment for that extra brownie I ate the other day knowing I shouldn't? 

I'm already allergic to real Christmas trees.  That's no big deal, though. I love my fake tree. I love not having to clean up dead needles and worry about the creepy bugs that real trees house. Did I walk by a real tree and take a huge deep breathe not knowing it was there?

Regardless, I'm not feeling well, and I blame you.  I have no real reason to...but damnit, I was FINE all day.  Somehow, this is your fault.


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