Friday, December 30, 2011

Scarring the lives of children one photo at a time.

The Boyfriend's little 2nd cousin celebrated her 1st birthday today at Peter Piper Pizza.  This little girl, Kathryn, is so adorable, I can hardly contain myself.  Unfortunately, she isn't very fond of either of us.  You see, every time we see Kathryn for an extended period of time, it's been for a photoshoot.  The first time we met her, we bombarded her home with studio lights, backdrops...the whole kitchen was transformed into a her impression of us is more than likely "the two people who scare me with big flashing lights and giant cameras."  Other times have been the same - for fall photos in a pumpkin patch, her baptismal, etc.  So she associates us with blinding lights.

This is a photo of the Boyfriend and his sister Sarah as she holds Kathryn:

The poor thing is terrifed.
She did similar faces of fright when I tried to carry her.

Kathryn did enjoy her party, though. She was smiling and bouncing around with so much happiness.  It's hard not to smile and be happy when you see a child smile.

I swear she was smiling right before I took this photo.  I even took my non-threatening Point-and-Shoot camera thinking it would change her fear, but nope.  I scarred her.
Her Minnie Mouse pinata is HUGE.  That thing was nearly bigger than me!

So happy first birthday, Kathryn!

One of the cool things about attending a birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza is all the free Pizza.

Pizza is, of course, another reason I will never be skinny.  Yep.


  1. "Pizza is, or course, another reason I will never be skinny" haha I think that every time I go to a cookout and eat a hamburger. They are my guilty party pleasure.

    That piñata is amazing, did you get any photo's of people busting it open?

  2. No I didn' I was too busy eating pizza. Haha! And it was in this tiny enclosed area with parents surrounding it, so I wouldn't have been able to :)


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