Tuesday, January 10, 2012


At church this past Sunday, we were told about having an Awakening.
You know, when you suddenly realize that for an extended period of time, you just weren't there. Almost as if you snap out of a daze.

While I've never had a hard-hitting awakening, I had a small one the other day.  All thanks to my phone and an app I downloaded called Lose It! (link will take you to Amazon where you can get the app for Android phones).

To quote the product description: "Succeed at weight loss with Lose It! Set goals and establish a daily calorie budget that enables you to meet them. Stay on track each day by recording your food and exercise and staying within your budget. The Lose It! app features a simple, streamlined interface, and a comprehensive database of foods and activities. Quickly add new foods or exercises to the database, and setup recipes for more complicated foods."

So I downloaded a management app.  I figured "Cool! Now I can see what I eat everyday in plain sight!"

My Awakening happened when I looked at Day 2 of use and realized I ate more calories in snacks than I did regular meals. Over half the day's intake was snacks. 
WTF moment right there.

My Awakening prompted such questions as:
  • when did I decide it was important to eat that candy bar?
  • Did I need to get that cookie at the Target food court?
  • Just because there are cupcakes at Church, does that really mean I need to get one?
I realized I'm eating sometimes for the sake of eating. Just because I can.
#firstworldproblems if I ever saw one.

Even though I know I will never be skinny (because i simply wasn't built to be skinny. I have hips and I love them! Being curvy is something I like!) this doesn't mean I can't be healthier.

So it's been 2 days since my Awakening moment, and I've already stopped the snacking.
The snacks I had yesterday were so much better: dry toast in the afternoon and a shared bowl of low-fat popcorn in the evening.

I also realize that I could squeeze in a little more exercise than I usually do.  I should get back on to my Wii Fit, because it's fun, more yoga stretches and a tad bit more cardio. 

Day 4 of using this app, and my eating choices have already changed a  lot.  Let's see where this takes me a whole year from now. :)


  1. The wii fit is fun- I just didn't feel like I was very successful with it. Also, I don't like how it weighed me EVERY time I used it (then they would show that chart proving to me that my weight just wasn't going anywhere). I have heard great things about the kinect plus I like dancing so I think I am going to try that too.
    Have you looked at Sparkpeople.com? It has a bunch of really helpful tools on it to track your fitness and nutrition.

  2. I bought a zumba dance game thing for Wii and it actually kills me and makes everything hurt...which I guess is good! Lol!

    Never heard of sparkpeople, but ill check it out!

  3. I'm guilty of eating just for the sake of eating sometimes too (even before I was ever pregnant). I'm the worst when it comes to snacking, but I've been changing my bad habits recently and hopefully I can keep it up. :)

    Great post!

    Best wishes for your journey!

    xo -S

  4. Way to go on being healthier! I'm trying to shed the extra holiday weight myself (as I do every year), but this time my focus is to simply be healthier. I refuse to count calories, but I do avoid the kinds of foods that are clearly loaded with sugar, will make me feel heavy or bloated, or are simply dripping with grease and oil. Along with that, I am more active than before. If I lose weight, great, if not, at least I'm being healthier. :)

  5. I'm with you girl. I've started monitoring what i'm eating this year and it's already paid off. Keep it up! You're doing great! x


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