Sunday, January 22, 2012

Celebrating a year of life!

Baby Mikey enjoying a car ride!
 So the Boyfriend and I attended another birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza this weekend (the lsat party is mentioned here), this time for my little 2nd cousin who celebrated his 1st birthday.

Baby Mikey had a long road to get to where he was today.  He was born  a premie, and spent the first quarter of his life in a hospital, so getting to 1 is a huge deal!  You can read more about his life and the tough road he has traveled at his momma's blog here.

The party theme was Cat In The Hat, and I dressed for it without realizing it. I randomly pulled my red/white striped tank top, so I felt awesome the entire time.

Photo time?  Yes I think so.

My parents smiling pretty for the camera :)

The boyfriend and I posing in makeshift frames.  :)

Baby Mikey with my cousin Mikey and his awesome wife, Pepper.

ohhhh he loves me :D
 The awesome thing about Baby Mikey is that he LOVES to be held. He never cries with me!   I have held him for extended periods of time and he has yet to shed a tear, so that makes me feel pretty damn awesome.

Also, his mom and I agreed that he better love me, because when he gets older, I am reading Harry Potter books to him. It will be our bonding unit.  :)

mom and dad being all cute and stuff.  :)

Green eggs and ham cake!  Isn't this AWESOME?

Poor thing had no idea what was going on.  haha!

:) Happy family.

Boyfriend and I  <3

The gifts we got for baby: a cute book about love and a teddy bear to match.
 I'm so happy baby is happy and healthy today.  :)  Can't wait to celebrate his 2nd birthday and beyond!  :)

Baby liked the bear more then the book. Ah well.  :)

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  1. We're going to read him the books he was gifted everynight <3 Thank you so much for being there for him on his big day, love you guys so much! I'm already planning his second bday.. is it too early? lol!!!


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