Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A celebrity appreciation post: Daniel Radcliffe edition.

This isn't my typical post so much as it is a post about how I fangirl over Daniel Radcliffe on a regular basis.

My appreciation for Daniel has grown so much lately - beyond just thanking him for bringing Harry Potter to life.  
He is making such awesome and risky career choices, I can't help but admire the guy.

His episode of SNL a few weeks ago (watch here) was so damn funny, I actually chocked on water from laughing.  He is so fun to watch! 

I cannot wait to see where his career will take him. He is talented in both acting and musical theater, so either way he goes, I know he will be amazing. 

Seriously, you grew up so well. <3        photo credit: Esquire UK  

I'm sure this post sounds like a bunch of words strung together...I honestly just don't feel like typing right now, but felt it necessary to post this for some reason.   :)

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