Friday, January 6, 2012

A Lola Story!

My baby's beautiful eye.  :)
A lot of people ask me "oh my gahhhwww, where did you get your dog?"

First off, I didn't "get" or "buy" Lola - I adopted her! She is my child and the little love of my life!  I can't imagine a more perfect, beautiful, or precious dog.  :)

Lola's 5th birthday is in February, so I figured this would be the perfect time to type out my Lola story for all to read! Prepare for a long post and photos! 


Time travel back to 2007.  It was a Sunday, and the Humane Society was holding an "adopt-a-thon," and it had been maybe 4 years since I had set foot there. So i decided to go with no intention of adopting and see the cute little animals that were up for adoption.  I walked into the puppy kennel, and I noticed all the puppies were asleep and avoiding the people around them. I didn't want to disturb them, so I was about to turn around..until I heard a sharp "YIP! YIP! YIP!"

I turned around, and in the middle kennel were two little Welsh Corgi/Jack Russell mix puppies - one long haired, one short haired. Two of the most adorable things I have ever seen in my life!  I knelt down to pet them and they both were so happy to be getting attention.  I immediately felt it in my heart that one of these little pups was mine. That the reason I was randomly pulled to visiting was for one of them. I asked the Humane Society rep who was with me if these were spoken for, and she said "The furry one, yes. The short haired one, no. They are sisters!"

Because of the "adopt-a-thon," adoption fees were dropped to $75, and I had some cash at home. I told the rep to please not let anyone else adopt her, that i would run home and bring the cash right now. She said yes, and off I went.

I came back within 20 minutes and paid my fee. They told me that the puppy would have to be held for 3 days for observation since she was just dropped off earlier that morning. I consented, singed a few things, took some photos of her to show everyone and left.

When I got home, I called the Boyfriend - who had NO IDEA what was going on - and nonchalantly asked him what he would think if we got a dog. A female puppy dog. He said "oh that would be cool...but why?"
I took a deep breath, "CAUSE I JUST ADOPTED A PUPPY!"
He sounded shocked. "What? Right now? You have one?"
"I get to pick her up in 3 days. I went to the shelter and found her. She's perfect. I think I was sent there to get her, like she was waiting for me."
"umm...okay. wow."

Needless to say, I freaked him out.  Poor guy.  We had only been together a couple months at the time (currently going on 5 years!) and here I am adding a furry little member to the family. 

For 3 days, we went over names. I forgot the names that were runner ups, but Lola ended up winning!

On day 3, the Boyfriend and I went shopping before getting her. We got some puppy food, a bed, toys, leach, collar, etc. Then we went to the shelter to get Lola. She was all clean and ready to go home with us. They gave her a microchip, and all her papers...then she came HOME!

Her first day at home.  :)

She still sleeps like this :)
The photos are from her first day home with us.  She was shy and playful, and a handful!

She spent most of her first day exploring her new home from the couches, to the backyard just sniffing everything in sight.

She already knew how to use puppy pads, which was AWESOME, so we had no accidents in the house. All we had to do was figure out a way to make her go outside instead of relying on the pads. (This took only 2 weeks to accomplish. My baby is a genius.)

On her first night home, she got sick.  I woke up around 2 am to a whimpering puppy and i knelt down to see what was wrong. She waddled to the puppy pad and threw up...she threw up live roundworms.
WTF alive worms?
It was gross. It was so, so, so, so, so gross. I couldn't eat spaghetti for weeks.

I got on the internet right away and found the number to our local 24 hour emergency vet, called, and they said to take her in 1st thing in the morning.

Poor Lola was infested with roundworms! I was so scared for her and Boyfriend was so worried.  He says that the moment he realized she was sick, and he felt worried, was the moment that he realized her loved her.  Aww.

She also had something called Kennel Cough, which is an infection of the upper respiratory system, and a case of puppy mange.  She was on so much medication for the first few weeks of her being with us.

Luckily, with time, she got better.  The worms disappeared, the infection went away, and the mange was clearing up and becoming a thing of the past. She was back to normal!

I loved her puppy phase. Her chunky limbs, her huge tail...everything!

Such a doll!  you can still see a little bit of the mange around her eyes here, but it went away!

So Lola grew and grew.
She started growing into her chunky legs and long tail before our eyes!

Mommy, I have a stick!

In 2008, we took her to the Petsmart training course, which she aced and graduated top of her class in, beating out the smug Spaniel and the Great Dane!   She still knows her tricks, but won't do them unless she gets something in return. Such a brat!  I couldn't find her photo with her diploma.  :(

This is quickly turning into a picture post. Hope you, my dear readers, don't mind.  :)

One of my favorites...shows her goofy side!  Courtesy of Justin.

Sherlock Lola!  In her winter coat.  Courtesy of Justin.
My favorite time to see her is in the morning.  :)   Her morning face is adorable!
In 2009, I decided to take a portrait of her as part of the Boyfriend's Christmas gift.  It was the year of homemade gifts.  It took a whole hour to get one good photo of her!  The results:

It came out perfect!  It still hangs on the wall :)

Her 2010 Christmas photo is a little less formal, a little more face:


Lola and Daddy (the boyfriend) sometime last year, I think.  Courtesy of Will.
So far in the last 4+ years, Lola has brought us nothing by fun, love and happiness.  I can't imagine my life without her; I can't imagine a world without her.  
I've been told the ever so fun phrase "she's just a dog..." when I talk about her this way.  But as any pet parent would know, they are not just dogs (or cats, or hamsters, or birds, etc).  They are our children. We take care of them. They rely on us for fun, food, shelter, water, love, hugs...and they take care of us and show us an unconditional love.

As I type this, she is sitting at my left, looking down the hallway and chewing on a toy.  The moment I say her name, she looks at me with a huge smile and a wagging tail. I tell her to get on the bed, and she does, then eagerly  gets on her hind legs and puts her paws up to my chest to "hug" me.  I like to think that when she does that, she is telling me she loves me.  

Lola, I know you can't read, but know that I love you always.  Thank you for picking me as your Mommy, and thank you for finding me.   <3


  1. She's so sweet! And she's got a good month for a birthday ;) My family has had two welsh corgis! Love 'em. So awesome that you adopted her. When we get out of apt life (wont be for a while) I def want to get a pups! :)

  2. Awwwww your pup is SO cute! Hi, we are new members to your blog but we love it!

    Laura & Sarah xo

  3. Little Lola...I love her so much! I think it's time for a visit again...I need some of her happiness :)

  4. This is just so sweet. And she is adorable. I am a strong believer in adopting/rescuing pets.

    Thanks for following me at Surviving 20-Something I hope you'll follow me at my new blog:

  5. I love she has a pointy and floppy ear. She is precious. I also have a lola :D and a peanut.


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