Thursday, February 23, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Day 22.

Day 22 - What's in your purse?
See the original 30 Day Challenge post here.
 I had fun organizing my purse contents just for this photo. 

Bad lighting though, but I numbered for your convenience! 

  1. The purse. I actually got this one today at Maurices for $4 after my coupons and Take $10 card I earned!  It's lovely.
  2. Black journal. For random thoughts taht don't need to be on Twitter or Facebook.
  3. Assorted pens.
  4. First aid kit. Simple purse pack.
  5. Tissues. 2 packs. I have no idea why I have 2.
  6. St. Ives lotion.  I will go insane if I feel like I have dry skin during the day.
  7. Hand sanitizer.  Peace of mind sometimes.
  8. Moisturized hand sanitizer.  I hate germs and like creamy hands. lol.  I obviously need to carry both lotion and sanitizer separately just in case I don't want this one.
  9. Small bag with my assorted lip products that include 2 Carmex chapsticks, one Salley Hansen lip gloss, 2 Rimmel lip glosses and on Revlon lip gloss.  I am not a makeup type of girl, so lip gloss is as far as I go.
  10. Business card folio for my photography business. Holds about 15 cards at a time.
  11. Camera bag for my small Canon point-and-shoot camera, which I used for this photo. I take this camera everywhere, because carrying my big camera would be a headache everyday.
  12. Girl stuff. A pad, anti-baby pills, etc.
  13. My mini-pharmacy. Motion sickness pills (for the plan ride the other day), cough drops, and benadryl allergy pills.
  14. Inhaler.  Sometimes I need this baby.
  15. Altoids.
  16. Square Card Reader, for business related transactions.
  17. Revlon compact. I don't wear the makeup. I use it for the mirror.  A friend of mine gave it to me because it wasn't the right shade for her, which is why it looks used!
  18. Assorted Orbit gum. 
  19. I neglected to number my fancy striped wallet located top, center.  :)
And there you have it.


  1. I always take my camera with me. The time when I wouldn't have it, would be the time when I see a unicorn or leprechaun or something. I joke, but it wouldn't surprise me...


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