Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hey, your ignorance is showing!

Taken from my personal facebook. I'm Alma, of course.

The screen cap above is from my Facebook tonight.

I shared a post from The Trevor Project showing a gay couple embracing and kissing without fear of being discharged from the military thanks to the removal of "don't ask, don't tell."

The reply I got from the woman just surprised me.  Go have a read if you haven't seen it already.

How dare someone say that a man (or woman) who is fighting to protect the rights of Americans hide the fact that he or she is gay while in uniform!  I though we were past this already, people!

I very much support gay, lesbian, transgender, and bi rights. Anytime someone shows their ignorance or distaste for people in the LGBT community, it hurts my heart.  It kills me to know that we are so advanced in this world technology wise, but so behind in morals and education.
It kills me to know that my friends and family members who are part of the LGBT community have to live with this day in and day out.


Open letter to the commenter on my FB post, and anyone who thinks this way,

This man in the photo - and every person in uniform - is protecting your rights to love whomever you want to love, to live however you want to live, to live openly and freely...and you repay them by saying "respect the uniform" and don't kiss other boys in public because it's icky.

I'm am sick and tired of the treatment gay and lesbian women get, especially in the military.

If you don't want to see gay men and lesbian women kissing when they come home from training or deployment, then you might as well ask the straight couples to stop kissing, too.  Fair is fair, right?

These people fight for your rights, and the least you can possibly do is allow them to practice their rights. Especially the right to love their partner openly and without shame.

"Respect the uniform...and his brothers in arms past, present, and future" she said.  Yes, cause of course none of the men or women in military history were gay.  Of course not. 
Are you that dense?
In the past, they had to hide in shame for fear of being discharged, beat up, shunned, or killed...it kept them quiet about their sexuality.  And now, they can be free and open about their sexuality. It's a beautiful thing to receive these rights after so long.

And then people like you come along saying it's wrong and shameful to show their love.

It makes me sick.  It makes me feel sorry for you.  


  1. How can kissing EVER be offensive or disrespectful!

    The only time I kind kissing offensive is when teenagers do it at the back of the bus and I have to listen to their slurping....ewww.

    1. Back of the bus kissing would be gross!
      Eww! Reminds me of the days in high school band and the band bus trips. Haha!

  2. Our country is centered on respected a camouflage outfit over the actual human being who is wearing it and ready to die for his/her country? I can't get over how much people absolutely suck sometimes.

  3. I saw an interesting poster that posed the question,"Why is it we are more comfortable with two men holding guns rather than holding hands?"

  4. I'm afraid it's going to take a while before this site becomes "normal." But I am optimistic that two people, who happen to be of the same sex, in a warm, loving embrace will be as common place as two people, who happen to be of the opposite sex, in the same embrace. I think this blog post is fantastic and it's expressions like this one that will help push us as a society to accepting this as normal.

  5. Looks like you're following my blog now. Thank you, looks like you're my second official follower! I thought that I'd take a peek at you in return, and I must say that I like what I see so far.

    Here's what I have to say to this post:

    The return-from-deployment kiss is traditional and beautiful. It's one of the very few times that the "three-second" rule (PDA cannot be more than three seconds of physical contact.) goes right out the window. From E-1 to O-9, nobody will ever deny anyone the Return Kiss. Often deployments end with a parent seeing the face of a child for the first time, or a marriage proposal, or something dramatic like that. Sometimes, it's just a time to be reunited with family and loved ones after months of isolation and loneliness.

    It is now completely legal for the above to apply equally to straight -and- gay couples. Anyone who says that "they should respect the uniform" should respect the unofficial military tradition of throwing this particular rule out the window for the span of a few minutes after a soldier returns home from a long, miserable deployment And that's what I have to say about that. Cheers!

  6. I'm all for equality; therefore, I'm an equal opportunity 'hater'. As open as I am about my sexuality, I cringe at PDA of any kind. Had this been a heterosexual exchange, I would've said 'Get a room, people!'. But since it is two men in military uniform, I must say: Suck it, homophobes, suck it!!! #LoveWins :)


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