Saturday, February 11, 2012

I have a 5 year old!

A five year old dog that is.  :)

My Lola (whom you can read about here!) turned five on Feb. 10.

My beautiful little girl is getting bigger.  :)

We took her to Petsmart to get her usual 2 new toys that she gets every year, and took her annual birthday photo.  :)

We actually let her pick her toys by pre-selecting a few, putting them on the floor and taking the one she puts in her mouth first. :)
We put the reject toys back in their proper places, don't worry. We are good customers.  Heh.

I know she has no idea that today is her birthday, but she sure as hell was happy and had fun.  That is all that matters to me!


Picture time!

Lola with the Boyfriend (her daddy) at Petsmart.
with the toys she picked out!
My shoes and Lola's face! 
Posing with her birthday presents.  :)
"Mommy, are we done yet? Can I please play now?"
Happy girl!!

Do you guys celebrate birthdays for your pets, too?  Tell me about it!


  1. Oh my god she is adorable. Is she a breed of Corgi? She looks tall for a Corgi.
    And I have cats, and we just by them tuna and soft snacks for Birthdays and Christmas. We even have kitty stockings. XD

    1. She is part corgi, yes. :)

      Aww! I love when pets have stockings!

  2. She's so adorable! I do stuff for my dog's birthday. She'll be ten soon, which is making me sad.

    1. aww. One of our family dogs turned 10 and i got sad, too!

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  4. I found your blog through 20sb; I'm totally following you now. :)

    Your dog is absurdly adorable! She has such a happy-looking face. Is she a corgi?


  5. Your dog is absolutely adorable! She has such a happy face. Is she a corgi?

    I'm totally following you now. :)


    1. Yep, part Corgi! :)
      And thanks, I'll follow back!


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