Sunday, February 5, 2012

The unpopular opnion in my circle of friends....or simply put: Why I Dislike Twilight.

I'm sure the following has been addressed in many blogs/articles in the past, but that won't stop me from posting about it here in my own blog.

I would like to rest in the comfort in knowing my future children can look back on this blog someday and say, "Oh! That's why Mommy didn't let us read those book or see those movies! I would like to thank her now by buying her a new car!"

A girl can dream.

Anyway, the reason for the post:
The Boyfriend and I noticed that Breaking Dawn, Part 1 was now showing at our local discount theater. What a treat! 
This sparked his interest.  Why?  Because upon the request of a friend, I ended up reading the books, and I shared the story line of the 4th book with him.  He didn't believe me.  This is how unbelievable the entire story line is...he thought I was lying to make him laugh

So we went.  Spending $2.50 on the movie wasn't going to hurt as much as $10 would, so we didn't mind.

He and I laughed a lot during the movie. Silent laughing, of course.  I'm not rude; I won't ruin the movie-going experience for others just because I don't like the movie.  I'm classy like that.

The entire movie (and book) is anti-climactic.  It's very flat lined.  The most exciting things are glossed over (like the story line of Edward killing men who were bad people... more on that please?).

And the acting? Ugh. I won't get into that.  But just about every one of those actors, including Stewart, Pattinson, Rathbone, and Reed have been in other roles that show what potential they have.  This franchise (and I will call it that, not a series) just does not let them show it. Why? Because the character development is poor and too vanilla.

Also, they made Robert Pattinson, who in my opinion is a dreamboat, look like My Little Pony with glitter.  Why would you do that to such a pretty boy?

He's questioning why people like him looking like a disco ball. RPattz judges you.
So on to why i dislike Twilight aside form what is already stated up there.
  1. I dislike weak female protagonists.
    Nothing irks me more than a weak female in a leading role.  Call it the feminist in me, but I will stick to this as my number one reason.
    Little girls actually look up to Bella and it bothers me to no end to know that they look up to someone so spineless.

    Bella cannot live without Edward.  She would rather sit and brood for months on end instead of putting on her big girl pants and getting back out there in the world.  Why can't she be like a normal girl and have a good cry watching The Notebook while eating some Ben and Jerry's, then get over it the next day?

    No. She sits there and broods. For what is apparently months. She basically thinks her life is over. 
    How annoying and self-centered.

    This is why I love Harry Potter females.  What did Hermione do when Ron left in the Deathly Hallows? She still tried saving the world. What did Ginny do when Harry left her to protect her? She continued fighting at Hogwarts.  That's what strong females do. They do what is right for the greater good and end up loving themselves even more for it.

    Bella is a little cry baby. This is one of the lessons little girls pick up on reading Twilight: that a boyfriend should be your life, and when he's gone, your life is over.

    Girls, a boy should never be your life.  When a boy becomes your life, you have lost all grasp on your own.  Be strong, be powerful.  Never let a boy or a man define who you are.

  2. Edward is controlling and a creeper.
    No boyfriend should take batteries out of your car to "protect you."  If they respect you, they should trust you. 

    No boyfriend should watch you sleep. Especially without your consent.  It's creepy and not sweet at all.

    Also, he's 109 years scamming on 17 year old.  This is WRONG.  This is never right.  Don't try to justify it by saying "but he looks 17!"  Yea.  He looks it, but inside, he's like that old guy from Family Guy obsessed with Chris.


  3. Bella has no personality.
    Bella is never described properly.  For all we know, she looks like a marshmallow with a personality to match.

    Protagonists, in history, are flawed.  Bella is deemed as perfect.  Sure, she's clumsy, but everyone thinks it's cute.  And her clumsiness is taken away the moment she becomes a vamp...STOP WITH THE PERFECT CHARACTERS! 

  4. The damsel is distress act can only take you so far.
    Bella, grow a spine.  No one likes a pansy.

  5. The stories that actually seem interesting are not elaborated on.
    The stories I'm referring to are the ones we hear about briefly: Rosalie's life before being a vamp, Jasper's job as a "newborn" trainer, Edward's deal with killing bad guys. Now those stories would be a hell of a lot more interesting than the other crap.

  6. Jacob is probably the better choice.
    Like the boyfriend says every time: "she should've picked Jacob because Jacob is a registered Native American. That means no tax, free or reduced college education for her children, and saving every year on the heating bill."
    My boyfriend is a logical one. And all this makes sense.

  7. Showing the world that marrying at 18 to have sex and to turn into a vampire is OKAY in this book.
    When Edward pushed Bella into going to college, I CHEERED.  I thought, "yes! He wants her to go to school and not be a teenage bride!"
    When Bella won and got married, my palm hit my head.

    Teenage girls should NOT be shown that life is all about graduating High School, marrying, getting pregnant and living happily ever after.

    It is not that simple.

    Coach Carr, Mean Girls (2004).
  8. Lastly, the writing is mediocre at best. I have read better fanfic.
    I do not pretend that I am a fantastic writer, but I'm sure I could write circles around Stephenie Meyer. 
    I think Stephen King can sum this up better: “Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people. … The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good.”  [x]

So usually after someone in my circle of friends (or acquaintances, or strangers) hear about all my reason for not liking Twilight, they immediately snap back with the popular question of "Why do you like Harry Potter so much?  What's so special about that, huh?"

Because it is a story about love.  Yes, so is Twilight.  But this isn't about a teenager's quest to lose her virginity.  This is a story of a mother who loves her son. A son that loves his friends, and whose friends love him.  Love that protects an entire group of people from a man who has never known love and does not understand it.  A story of heroism, of strength and valor. 

That usually shuts them up.


  1. Very well said. haha I read all the Twilight books cause a friend asked me to as well, and I was so confused as to what the hype was all about.

    There was an Audi commercial today about how the headlights are so bright, they make vampires disintegrate, and I tweeted that I would pour all of my money into buying an Audi if it meant that Twilight fans would disintegrate whenever I turn on my headlights haha. :p

    1. One of those cars would be glorious. lol!

  2. I am a massive Twilight fan but I agree with most of what you said. I hate hate HATE the movies but I love the books. I agree that the acting is absolutely terrible and that is my main reason for not liking the movies and I totally agree that the good story lines aren't developed. I want to know more about Jasper, Edward and Rosalie too but they chose to tell us the story of Bree instead, which was ok, but we would rather know the stories of the main characters.I'm also not a Bella fan based on the fact that she is completely self obsessed. Bizarre that a lover and a hater can agree on so many points.

    1. We can all agree to disagree and level on so many points!


  3. I was reading something interesting that related your points #1, 3, and 4 here (Bella's weak with no personality and a complete damsel in distress). Let me preface this by saying I really don't care for "Twilight" either!

    The author was basically saying girls today have a lot of pressure to be exceptionally smart AND pretty AND kind AND athletic AND etc. etc. Bella isn't any of this, but the dream guy loves her exactly how she is. So it takes away lots of the cultural pressure.

    That didn't make me like Bella any more, but it made her make a lot more sense! (I think it was from "Cinderella Ate My Daughter," btw.)

    Fun blog, btw!


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