Friday, March 9, 2012

A revisit to my love affair with cake, and life with the Boyfriend in the before time when he had cooties.

That was a long title.

Most of you might remember a little post I made about myself and the announcement of my lifelong affair with cake and chicken that I made here.  New readers, please read, otherwise the following set of photos will not make sense.  :)

So when I turned 1, the church my family used to go to threw a mini birthday party in the Children's Church unit. We had cake and punch.  As you know, i loved - and still love - cake, so I was in heaven.

The following are from 1987, when I turned 1.

Look at my face.  I am DETERMINED to make sure no one took my cookie OR my cake.
Note: My middle name is Cristina, hence the name "Cristina being on the cake.
In what could only be a moment of insanity, I attempted to share my slice of cake with the boy next to me.  I must've been dehydrated.
Me, crying, because I was being removed from the cake area. You never rip a baby from their true love. It's just mean.
Hope you enjoyed those.
Now I want cake.


The next topic according to my title header, is about the Boyfriend.

He and I went to school together in elementary. We met in Kinder and were classmates until he left in 4th grade to another school...then met up again in college.
A lot of people love this. Some people don't believe it's possible.
I found a (blurry) photo from a Kinder field trip to our local Zoo where Paul was in my mom's buddy group.

My mom actually remembers having Paul in her group, so I know I'm not bluffing.

I expertly noted where he is, where I am, and where my mom is:

Blurry photo from a one-time use camera in 1990.  I'm all stylish in all red and white tennis shoes. Damn I look good. and there is the Boyfriend!!
I also found our matching 2nd grade portraits.  Notice the matching books...totally the same school.  :)
He is adorable. I look funny.
All together now:  "AAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!"

This was fun.   :)


  1. That's so cool that you've known each other that long!

    1. it's awesome. I love knowing him since I was 5!


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