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Why Katniss Everdeen is better than Bella Swan.

It's no secret that I dislike the Twilight series.

It is also no secret that a lot of people are not fans of Bella Swan...the clumsy, too-in-love-to-function girl of virginal vampires wet dreams around the world.

It pains me that a lot of little girls look up to Bella, because she has everything they think they want: a boy who will do anything for them, including die upon thinking she died. Kind of Romeo and Juliet-ish, I realize, but I'm no advocate for Romeo and Juliet either. 

So with the ever so exciting series, The Hunger Games, gracing us a week from now in movie theaters across the country, I'm compelled to list my reasons to why I think Katniss Everdeen is the girl that should be looked up to, instead of that *~*~special snowflake~*~* Bella.

WHOA! Watch where you aim that thing, Katniss!
If you are not familiar with The Hunger Games, I suggest you get with the program and read those books!
If you've read them and have read up to this point in this post so far, yay!

A list on why Katniss is a better role model for girls.
**spoiler alert: if you haven't read the book, it's safe to say you might no want to read ahead.

  1. She has strong leadership qualities
    Katniss is a born leader. This is shown from the very beginning when you find out that Katniss became the  head of the family upon her father's death when she was 11. Katniss was the sole provider for the family while her mother lay ill and depressed in bed, unable to care for her or her little sister Primrose.  She learns to hunt efficiently - even though it is a crime punishable by death in her home of District 12 - and trades game for other food and household products. It shows the reader/viewer that girls can also be strong-willed.

    In contrast, Bella is not a leader. Sure, she cooks for her dad and basically takes care of her mom because both her parents are made to look incompetent...but when it comes to herself, she is just another girl looking for a boy to save the day. "Oh Edward, save me from the wretched day in Biology!!  Oh Jacob, save me from being a loser since my boyfriend left me!!"  Girl, get a life.

  2. She is a brave and super talented
    Taught by her dad at an early age, and mentored by her friend Gale, she learns how to use a bow and arrow with the expertise of a marksman. She also learns to hunt by using snares, which sound primitive, but it highly effective to her when in the arena for the Games.
    Her bravery shines early on in the story when she volunteers herself as a tribute to take the place of her sister, Primrose, who was selected at random.
    And during the games, it is Katniss's talent and bravery that get her through the ordeal, and helps keep Peeta alive.

    In contrast, Bella is a whiny little girl.

  3. What romance?
    While boys are part of her life, like Peeta and Gale, they do not make up her entire existence.  It's funny to see sometimes how clueless Katniss is about love, or even how to act like she's in love.  While she acknowledges that she may have feelings toward the opposite sex - and even admits some funny feelings toward Peeta during their time in the cave - she does not let those emotions and thoughts become a priority over her need for survival. 
    This is a huge opposite from characters like Bella, whose entire life revolves around a glittery boy who in turn has his life revolve around her.
    What you get with The Hunger Games is not a love story. It is a story of society, corruption, and survival with a little love mixed in between.
But wait, she has a flaw, right?

In the twilight series, Bella is portrayed as perfect. Her only flaw is that she is a clumsy, silly girl. Not only is this unrealistic to a real human being, but it is annoying as hell.

With her strengths, Katniss does have her flaws. Her main flaw, in my opinion, is her emotions.

While in the Games, Katniss and Peeta begin this whirlwind romance. Katniss thinks this is all for the
 cameras: a romance so strong that sponsors will shower them with gifts and they can make it out of the arena together.

She acts on instinct, which is survival. Since we get to read the book in 1st person, we see her thoughts through the process.  She wonders what move she can do next that will be convincing to the audience that she loves Peeta. She wonders how many kisses it will take to receive some food from sponsors. Etc.
She doesn't even realize that Peeta isn't acting.  He truly cares about her, and is heartbroken at the end of the games to find out that she was just trying to survive.

This is all put together by her Haymitch's (her mentor) words after they are released from the Games because of the stunt she and Peeta did using the nightlock berries:

"Listen up. You’re in trouble. Word is the Capitol’s furious about you showing them up in the arena. The one thing they can’t stand is being laughed at and they’re the joke of Panem,” says Haymitch.
“Your only defense can be you were so madly in love you weren’t responsible for your actions.” Haymitch pulls back and adjusts my hairband. “Got it, sweetheart?” He could be talking about anything now.

“Got it,” I say. “Did you tell Peeta this?”
“Don’t have to,” says Haymitch. “He’s already there"

From The Hunger Games
She has to be told and trained on when to be in love.
This is her flaw.

 Okay, I finished.

I have my tickets for the midnight screening already, and counting down the days until showtime.
I'm excited to see this story come to life!


  1. Just finished it because I wanted to read it before seeing the movie. Reviewed it on my blog a couple days ago, but not nearly as thoroughly as you did here! Loved it, and found it to be spot on. I tried to start the first Twilight book, because one of my girls was into it, and couldn't get past the first day Bella & Ed were in school together...eck! "He's looking at me, he's not looking at me, he's looking at me, he's not looking at me...." Gimme a break!

  2. I'm such a huge Hunger Games fan...I'm wearing a Hunger Games hoodie right now! I also have my ticket for the midnight screening and can't wait! As far as Twilight is concerned, I've never read the books or seen the movies. Which I think is a good thing.


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