Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Boyfriend and I have a short conversation after last night's Glee.

I haven't posted in so long. A huge sorry to my frequent readers!

Not sure how many of you watch Glee...but we do every week!  I have a sweet spot for Kurt and Blaine.  This might be partly to blame that I have a celebrity crush on Darren Criss, but also because they are the OMG-CUTEST-COUPLE-ON-TV-SINCE-MONICA-AND-CHANDLER-EVER.

As soon as the show ended, the Boyfriend and I shared this in conversation:

Me: I love you, Paul.
Paul: am I like your Blaine?
Me: yea! And I'm like your Kurt!
Paul: *blank stare*
Me: well at least you're the manly one! Blaine is manly!



  1. HAHAHA I don't watch Glee regularly, but that conversation was totally cute and made me laugh out loud. You and your boyfriend are so cute! :)

  2. Welcome back, Alma!

    Love this post. Your boyfriend seems to be very cool! :-)


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