Friday, April 6, 2012

Things I have learned from substitute teaching so far.

When I'm not out taking photos and meeting new clients, I'm substitute teaching.  I work with Pre-K - 4th usually, and sometimes move up to the middle and high school grades.

I'd like to think that I'm trying to help out kids in the absence of their teacher, but sometimes they end up either showing me things that I realize are essential to adulthood.

Here are the current things I would like to keep on record for years to come:

*note, all the photos were taken by my cell phone.  No faces are shown, since protecting the kids is priority! . :)


Pre-K class enjoying a Phonics movie after a long week.
After a long week of learning the alphabet, manners, and more numbers...a movie will always do the body good. But educational movies do the mind and body even better.
Never cease to learn. Find fun ways to do it!


My teacher name in play dough while in a Pre-K class.
My rainbow painting while in a Pre-K class.

Always play.
Adulthood is serious time, but always leave room to play.  Play with play dough, paint with paints, color in a coloring book you buy for yourself.  It's great stress relief and it makes you feel like a damn artist.


Silly sock day.
 Never be afraid to wear weird socks. If you can't wear weird clothes, at least weird it up with the socks.


3rd grade boys burying a gnat that was found in a lunch box afterschool. The held a funeral, complete with invitations for other students, in the playground during after school recces.
 Remember that small things matter.
Just like the students above who held a "funeral" for a gnat they found in a lunchbox.  Most of us would just clean it out and throw it away.  These kids went all out and made a whole ceremony for the insect they named Carlos.

Don't disregard the small things.  Make an impact no matter what!


2nd grade writing journal topic of the day.
Don't let go of your fun side. Ever. Especially if that fun side includes drawing stick figures of Harry Potter every chance you get.
Don't became a brittle, bitter old person just because you feel you have to when you get older.  Be fun, be joyful, be happy. 


A 6th grader left me a nice little note on the marker board.
 Remember that YOU ROCK every day of your life.


  1. I love this! All these are so true, especially leaving time out for some fun! Life often gets too serious, and sometimes getting stuck there does bad things to a person!

  2. Kids really do keep us young. I love it!

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  4. Thanks for sharing this. I was a volunteer teacher and now I have not visited the kids in a while so I miss them.
    I hope you never lose the child in you.

  5. Kindergarten is the best. I have taught Kindergarten for 9 years... and I still look forward to doing it for the next 50!


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