Sunday, May 13, 2012

I am a dog mom!

First off, happy mother's day to all you wonderful moms out there!

My mom had a great mothers day, and I had a great dog mom day!

Here is the post I made to my Facebook notes, that I decided to cross post here since I'm such a huge slacker and haven't posted in weeks.  EEK!

I am a dog mom.

I don't have kids, so my dog is my child. That makes me her Mom.

Being a Dog Mom isn't nearly as difficult as being a real Mom. But, it comes with responsibilities none the less. I see my role as nurturer, parent, and pack leader.

My job is to train her, make sure she get proper veterinarian care, and provide her with food and shelter. But, I'm also there to make sure she has fun and plays, get in her daily walks, and nurture a relationship where we love and trust one another. But as the parent, I am the boss--at least, I'd like to think so.

I want to enjoy my dog as much as possible. I might provide her with all the things above, but she gives me so much in return. She cheers me up and inspires me to greet the day with a positive attitude.

Lola is the little love of my life. She provides me with love, joy and happiness. She has the weirdest personality I have ever seen in a dog. Before her, I didn't know dogs actually went through stages like children do!  She had the baby phase, her toddler phase, she was a child and now she's a teenager. She acts like one, too!  I will never regret adopting her.  I hope she's as happy as she makes me. 

Without dogs, life doesn't quite seem the same. They are a responsibility to take seriously, but they also provide us with love and joy--things we need in our life.

(from - slightly modified to accommodate one dog, not many)


***disclaimer: I did have one facebook "friend" take offense to  wishing myself and other pet parents a happy mother's day because we didn't birth our 4 legged babies.  But you know what? Not all mothers who birth children will take care of those kids like some people care for their pets!  As for me, my dog is my child. She is the apple of my eye, and no one can take that from me   :) 


  1. I was wondering where you'd gone! I thought I hadn't seen a post from you in a while.

    I am most certainly a dog mom as well! :)

    1. i've been a huge slacker! I have all the blogs i follow to catch up on! work, mini-vacation and more work have kept me busy!

  2. As a bunny mum I hope I am a better mum to any future children!
    I spoil my bun WAY too much.
    My kids would be nightmares if I treated them like this.

    Treats before bed, why not?
    Can I stay up all night?...sure.
    Can you forgive me for destroying the living room? sure, have more treats....

  3. Being a dog-mom is the only kind of mom I want to be (no human kids for me).

    Your Facebook "friend" was being ridiculous. I would have unfriended them just based on that incident.

  4. I'm a dog mom too! I love it!


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