Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm a woman who likes to pay for herself. I see nothing wrong in that statement...

...But apparently it rubs a lot of people the wrong way!

A few curse words lie ahead. Fair warning.

I hate the looks, the questions and the remarks when I go out with the Boyfriend somewhere and say "Split the check, I'm paying for myself," or when I say "I'm buying my own ticket!"

I make my own money. I don't need to depend on him or anyone to pay for my food, my movie ticket or or that dress I saw on sale.  I can buy my own shit, thank you very much!

I hate having to justify myself to cashiers and servers.  Does no one believe a woman can be independent?  Do they have to look at him like he is forcing me to to do this or like he's a jerk for not swiping his card in my place?

He has no obligation to spend money on me.  He has every right to do whatever he wants with his money, and I'm not going to force him to pay for my whims.  If i want to more expensive meal, I will pay for it. If I want those cute shoes, I will buy them.  If i want to buy my own movie ticket, I will buy my own ticket.

There are times that he tells me he wants to treat me to dinner or a movie...and I'll let him. Do I like it? No.  He knows I don't...but if his heart is in it, I'll let it happen.
And sometimes, I'll treat him to dinner or whatever.  He doesn't like it either, but's how we do things around here!

Women fought for equality, people. Women fought to be paid like men, to vote like men, to drive like men. Women claim they can do anything without a man.  So then why can't a woman pay for herself, or pick up the tab now and then?

The guy at the movie ticket counter the other day basically made me justify myself for buying my own ticket.  I mentioned all of the above. Or I could've just said "because fuck you, that's why."  And yet none of it mattered, because all the idiot had to say is "this makes him look bad" with a smirk on his face.  I said "most guys would love a girl who doesn't spend their money" before walking away.

Seriously, it's my choice.  And he's okay with it, because I'm not spending his hard earned money on my petty wants.


  1. I agree that a woman has a right to pay for herself. There's nothing wrong with it. But I dislike the quote in the picture. I think it's wrong to say that a woman shouldn't "need" a man, but a man has to need a woman. One shouldn't expect a certain feeling - "need", devotion, etc. - from their partner/spouse unless they are willing to return that feeling to them.

  2. Not sure how I missed this - but AMEN, honey, AMEN! I *gladly* pay for myself!


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