Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's the little things...

...that show you are awesomely compatible the Fiancee and I are.

In case you haven't realized from a couple past posts, I love making lists. 

*SPOILER ALERT* this is a lovey-dovey post!

My Top 8 Reasons on Why Paul is Awesome

Paul and I taking advantage of a photobooth at a wedding we photographed. :)

  1. He will kill spiders for me.
    There was a jumping spider on his wall today, which apparently has been hanging out for a couple days, that I totally freaked out on. Because spiders scare the living daylights out of me. 

    After some squealing on my part, he took care of the situation. My hero!

    This wasn't the only time Paul has saved me from spiders!  He has a long track list of getting rid of Wolf Spiders for me. If you all have seen a Wold Spider..those bitches are huge, scary, and possibly death itself.   It's good to know I will always have my spider bodyguard!

  2. I can eat in front of him.
    I don't need to order salads at the Pizzeria. I don't need to tone it down and eat half my meal and claim it's too much. I don't need to skip dessert!  I can eat in front of him and I love it!  Nothing says love like eating a whole large pizza together during a stay-in movie night.

  3. He is Lola's daddy!
    Long time readers now about Lola.  If not, go see her story here!  He is a great dad to Lola! She associates the word "daddy" with Paul, so it's great.

    Paul and I with Lola at the beach :)
  4. He supports me and my dreams.
    You can't ask for more on this one. He has been supporting me since the day I decided i wanted to pursue Photography back in 2009.  Since then, he's given up several weekends to shoot weddings with me, or do portrait sessions. He even invested in a nice camera to help out! He doesn't need to do any of it..but he does.

    Without him, I'm sure my photography business would've never worked out...but it's growing. And I have him to thank for it.  <3

  5. He is as big as a nerd as I am.
    We are nerds. Huge nerds.  Techie and Harry Potter nerds. I love it.  We both have a serious love for fonts and typography.  We love going to tech stores to look at new technology we can't afford and compare them to each other.   it's fun!

  6. He is teaching me how to swim.
    I CAN'T SWIM, Y'ALL!  I never learned how as a child.  But every time we get in a pool, which isn't often, he makes the effort to teach me!  I can doggy paddle now! And I can move forward! It's getting better! 
    I will still use life jackets when in open water though.  Not ready for open water!

    Paul and I out in Lake Austin.  I'm holding on to him for dear life.

  7. He likes that I have an opinion.
    I don't have to shut my mouth and act like nothing bothers me. 
    I'm not confrontational, but I like to speak my mind...and he encourages it. 
    Not many girls I know can say that about their other halves. 

  8. He is like my puzzle piece.
    I've never felt as perfect with anyone as I do with him. I honestly can say that he is like my missing puzzle piece. the way his hands fit with mine, the way our hugs just click, the way his neck and shoulders cradle my head just's a perfect fit.


Moral of this post? Paul is awesomesauce. 

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  1. You look awesome and so happy together. Supportive boyfriends rock! By the way, I tagged you on my Getting To Know You post, I hope you can check it out :)


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