Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pre-wedding planning and wedding talk.

So I will eventually be making a separate blog for Wedding planning as to not bombard my personal blog with DIY projects and centerpiece ideas. :) 
But for now, I can mention it a couple times on here, right?

Paul and I have been engaged for approximately 2 weeks, and we already have a couple questions that everyone - EVERYONE - likes to bug us with:

  1. "So when is the wedding?"
    Guys it's been 2 weeks. Give us time to enjoy this engagement without stressing over details for a while.  It's gonna be non-stop wedding for a few months when we finally set a date, so SHHH for now!  When it happens, you'll know!

  2. "So, who's taking you're photos? haha!"
    This one has been asked so many times, i can't even count it anymore.  Since Paul and I photograph weddings professionally, people think it's clever and funny to ask us this question.  At first, it was funny...but then it got annoying. 
    People have been asking this one since 2009 when we started photographing weddings...so in 3 years, it's gotten old! 

    I still get a kick out of the facial expressions people make when they ask this, though.  Kind of like the bad joke eel:

However, I know these questions will soon come to an end once we set a date and find a photographer.  But until then, i think this sums up my feelings on these two questions:

Aside from that, Paul and I have begun preliminary discussions for that big day.  We've devised a guest list - which is longer than we initially thought (206 people. what? why!?) and have talked venues.

We are hoping to do this wedding for under $6,000.  With the inspiration from the lovely Sebrina from this blog who was budgeted at $5,000 and went just a  tad over, we know we can do this for that amount! 
I plan on blogging all about the ways we keep it under budget, hence the separate blog i will  be making soon, to stay motivated and to hopefully motivate others to do the same!

Which brings me to my next topic: dresses!

Paul already knows that I was a blush colored dress.  Blush is essentially a light pink. I find those dresses beautiful!  I was inspired by Reese Witherspoon's pink dress from her recent wedding.

Someone asked me on facebook the other day "why did you tell him the dress color?"
Paul was made aware of the dress color choice just because I wanted to make sure he would be okay with me breaking the white dress tradition.  And yes..he's fine with it.  :)

My mom and his mom on the other hand? I'm not sure.  I haven't brought it up to them yet.  They are both sticklers for tradition, so I'm sure that will be a FUN conversation one of these days.

But even if they hate it...i will still go with it.  It would make me happy to have something so unique.  And besides, i'll be the one wearing it, right?!
I photograph too many weddings with the traditional white ball gowns, and that fantasy for a princess dress is just not there for me anymore.  I want to feel comfortable that day, and just be myself. 

I'm sure this isn't the only wedding post I'll make on my personal blog. 
But i'll try to keep it to a minimum here and make the wedding blog soon! 


  1. Thanks for the blog nod :) And a blush dress sounds totally gorgeous!

    1. As a follow up I put together this pinterest board of totally budget friendly blush dresses with you in mind! :) http://pinterest.com/mismikado/budget-blush-dresses/

    2. Oh awesome!!! Thank you, sebrina!

  2. Weddings for less than $6,000 are entirely possible. Our society puts WAY too much emphasis on having expensive, flashy ceremonies.

    Even when you do pick a date, some people will be telling you when they think you should get married. Ugh!

  3. (Catching up on my reading.) You're engaged? Congratulations! :)

    I think the blush dresses are beautiful! (I may or may not watch a ton of Say Yes to the Dress.)

    1. yep! it's a few posts back :) thank you!

  4. Next they'll be asking when kids are coming along! Just focus on you and your fiance, because your wedding is "yours". I can't wait to hear how it comes along! Much luck :)

    1. thank you! i will be posting the link soon for our actual wedding blog :)


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