Saturday, March 29, 2014

1 year (or more...) later!

I've neglected this blog for a while, and for that I apologize!  I am shamefaced.

To my legions of fans (the 5 of you!), I'm back! I hope. :)

Here is a recap of what happened since my last post (picture overload inside!):

Adult Life = Jobs

Paul is a 5th grade teacher and I am an assistant at a school where I teach phonics, reading skills, and other duties as needed.  We still photograph weddings and portraits professionally.  :)


If you remember my lovely engagement post, you'd be happy to know that we got married on October 6, 2013!


I'll sum up the wonderful day for you all.

My awesome dress that I snagged on Etsy, custom made for me and everything!

Getting ready.

My sister was my Matron of Honor :)

We walked down the aisle to my brother singing Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban. My brother is a great singer, and it was amazing to walk down to him singing for us. :)

Paul and his mom.

Hist first look at me :)

My parents <3

And our ceremony was amazing!  Our pastor is very contemporary and custom made our ceremony for us. It was full of laughter, fun, and photography references!

We were walked out by my brother singing La Bamba!

...and took some solo portraits...

Our reception was great!  We danced all night long and just had so much fun. :)

Custom cake topper made by my bridesmaid, Dina. :)

Our first dance was sung by our friend Ralph. He sang Not Alone by Darren Criss. :)
Again, it was just great to have someone close sing a song for us as opposed to a recording!

And danced with our parents at the same time to Michael Buble's Save The Last Dance.

Our siblings all went!

And had fun with friends and family!

Crest Wisps! Gotta keep clean!

And we had CAKE!

Do you all remember how much I like cake?!

This is not my favorite photo, but it shows you how excited i was to have cake.  
And we danced, danced, DANCED!

 It was a wonderful wedding <3
And I love my Paul <3


  1. Yay!!!! So glad I held on to see a wedding post. What an absolutely lovely day, and your dress. Is. Gorgeous.

    Belated congratulations!!! xx

  2. Cute post! Ugh that pic of me -_ -


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