Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lessons Learned: A Newlywed Reflection*.

*This post is written with the help from the husband.  :)

This month will be 7 months since we took the dive into the marriage pool.  Before getting married, we spent our 7 year relationship living apart for reasons out of our control.  But ever since that wonderful day in October, the husband and I have been under the same roof.

It's been fun, let me start with that!

I can cook for him now (something I never had the pleasure of doing), he can vacuum the floor for me... you know...all that fun stuff.

We also have Lola here with us. :) And she LOVES being here!
Maximum corgi DERP face from Lola!

With this new territory comes the learning process that living together brings out.

So far, all the new things coming up are livable (and in some cases cute!).

The things we came up with off the top of our heads for this post are just the tip of the iceberg, I'm sure.

Things We Have Learned About Each Other 7 Months Into Marriage

I'm a cooking novice.

The first few times I cooked for Paul, I was so nervous that I would mess up that I set off the fire alarm, messed up rice from a box (the shame!) and basically did everything but burn our little kitchen down.

But after a few trials and errors, I have been getting better!  I am experimenting more, using spices like a pro, handling chicken and beef without squirming, and I'm doing pretty good!
(or so he says)

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